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Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 21:18:39 MST

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> One other item in the book that bothered me. I've heard it mentioned by
> "gloom and doom" types on radio and I've pretty much discounted it. The
> is that were the Ross Ice Shelf in Antartica to be released so that it
> floating off it would destabilize the earths rotation with ugly
> Kinda like a tire out of balance.
> My feeling is that the mass disparity is too great. The mass of the
> Antartic Ice in comparison to the mass of the earth is less than comparing
> pebble in the tread of one of my big deal....and
> my autobalancers would would the ocean compensate...

Nova covered this:

They didn't say anything about the earth's rotation, as I recall. The
concern is that the water levels would rise.

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