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From: EvMick@aol.com
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 17:36:31 MST

I just finished listening to an audio book by Clive Cussler...I beleive it
was his latest.

I'm not recommending it but there were a few items of interest.
Nanotechnology was mentioned as was genetic engineering.

I don't think the WAY that they were mentioned was all that great. But
hey....Clive Cussler isn't an SF author....he just writes shoot em up bang

Er....maybe that's the point. Two new items of cutting edge tech is rising
on the popular radar screen.

One other item in the book that bothered me. I've heard it mentioned by
"gloom and doom" types on radio and I've pretty much discounted it. The idea
is that were the Ross Ice Shelf in Antartica to be released so that it went
floating off it would destabilize the earths rotation with ugly results....
Kinda like a tire out of balance.

My feeling is that the mass disparity is too great. The mass of the
Antartic Ice in comparison to the mass of the earth is less than comparing a
pebble in the tread of one of my trucktires......no big deal....and besides
my autobalancers would compenstate...as would the ocean compensate...

WildWood Florida

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