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From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 18:20:52 MST

> Now that I've got my body where I like it, I want to hang on to it for
> as long as possible, ya know? Also, mental enhancements sound good to
> me. I suppose I'm bright enough by gausian human standards, but I feel
> a little out of my league in this group.

I rather enjoy that experience; hanging out after an Extro listening
to a discussion between Anders Sandberg and Robert Bradbury, or going
to a social event in the Bay Area with Ralph Merkle or Amara Graps.
In most places in my life it's hard enough to find people who can
understand and appreciate my points of view, much less discuss them
coherently--uploading and nanotech just don't go over well at the
water cooler--that it's wonderfully refreshing to be around someone
who not only understands, but then jumps ahead of me and throws out
new ideas for me to work on.

And even intellectual giants are entertained by stories from people
with unique experiences (though I suspect some of them might just be
humoring me as I prattle on about poker...)

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