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From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 15:25:27 MST

Randy Smith wrote:
> Hi, Loree. I was also a nuke (ETRO). I was on a fast attack sub out of
> San Diego in the late 70s. Hated it.

I was on the Pintado (SSN 672) out of San Diego in '76, Transfered to
the Queenfish (SSN 651) out of Pearl Harbor from '77 - '80.

I didn't hate it. The work was challenging (electronic control circutry
can fail in strange ways...) and at times it was even exciting
(dangerous) and when the boat was underway there was plenty of time to
read. Visiting places like the Philipines, Guam, Adak Alaska, Korea,
Thailand, NZ and Australia is something I might never have done

> Well, I don't suppose I have ever thought of it that way, but yes I
> guess transgendered people are in the vanguard of transhumanism.

<G> Especially the do-it-yourselfers who only do a partial transition.
There isn't much that is transhumaninst in nature in going from
traditional male to traditional female (or vice versa) along a clearly
defined path monitored by a pshrink. The "sex-change" industry seems to
enforce the rigidity of gender, rather than allowing individuals to
transcend it.

Now that I've got my body where I like it, I want to hang on to it for
as long as possible, ya know? Also, mental enhancements sound good to
me. I suppose I'm bright enough by gausian human standards, but I feel
a little out of my league in this group. As real enhancements become
possible, I want to be in the vanguard.

> >From your website pix, it looks as though you have successfully
> >crossed the gender line.

Thanks. I don't know if "crossed the line" is the right terminoloy,
however. To me gender is more of a spectrum, with hypermasculine at one
end and hyperfeminine at the other.

I'm somewhere near the middle.

Loree Thomas


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