(de Garis') are fake neurons

From: Entropyfoe@aol.com
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 20:40:44 MST

(Eugene Leitl) aus Deutschland hat geschreiben...
Damien Broderick writes:
> Then comes the third generation, which Professor de
> Garis expects to be finished about 2011 - a fearsome
> creation of 1000billion neurons, vastly larger than that of
> a human.
>Well, these (de Garis') are fake neurons. Neuronlike functional units,
>significantly less powerful than their biological counterparts.

OK, so they would be less powerful than a human neuron, but 100 billion is
only a few times the number that a human has, tho the estimates seem to
increase with time and better research. A figure of 20-100 billion is often
cited, has anyone on the list seen any new authoritative measurements?
Sometimes the glial cells are counted in also, and their role in thought may
be small, but it all seems rather poorly understood at this stage. Perhaps a
more subtle function for the glial cells may be found. Any experts on neuro
anatomy, please speak up...?
So if five synthetic neurons were as powerful as one human one, the power is
close for 20 billion. Perhaps a further generation, a thousand times larger
still. This is when things get interesting...2011 doesent seem that far
away now does it?!?!?

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