Re: Diameter of a pinhead.

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 10:43:53 MST

> wrote:...what exactly is the diameter
> (in atoms) on the head of the (sewing, etc.) pin, such as the ones found at
> home when you accidentally puncture yourself with said head?

The way I interpreted this is the head of a pin is the other end than
the point, and the figure 1 mm was tossed out, so assume it so.
If I were to blame again my lazy ass for not calculating this, I risk
starting a new avalanche of canardic screeds and jokes. So:

Assume a 1 mm cube of iron, 56 grams to the mole, so

(6e23 atom/g)*(1000 g/kg) * (7900 kg/m^3)*(m^3/1E9mm^3) =

8.5E19 atoms / mm^3 and if we assume body centered cubic crystal,
a pinhead is about 4.4 million atoms across. spike

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