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 Clint, I would bet that you'd have one hell of a time being as logically
 detached as you appear to be, if you had the gut-wrenching episode of
 watching a person you love, die a slow, very painful death. Except for
 own thoughts near their own death, holding the hand of someone who has just
 passed away make you start wondering about the question of a soul, and that
 the 'dearly departed' may still, hopefully in some form, be perhaps alive
 well. Including in our thoughts the possibility of a soul, substantially
 mitigates the tremendous emotional and psychic pain we 'mere humans' have
 after the death of a close friend, relative, or child.
 Clint, we are not unemotional robots, where every facet of our day-by-day
 existence must or even should be based on logical constructs. Being an
 analytical computer 'in the flesh' makes for a better computational
 or mathematician, not necessarily a better human. In the same venue,
 one is an atheist, or a theist, or whether we are or are not merely a
 'complex arrangement of physical properties and their effects' is probably
  least important thing in the world. But, how we relate to others, family or
 friends, on an emotional level, is perhaps one of the most important
 behaviors we can have.>>

It's very interesting to me that this very key closing phrase of this letter
was completely ignored. I appreciate your sensitivity.
There is a process that allows people to get a kind of wisdom. You cannot
convince people of it. I will repeat that:
There is a process that allows people to get a kind of wisdom. You cannot
convince people of it.
I noted a tendency in some athiests (heheh) , to jump to conclusions and
respond angrily and judgementally. I compared this to the pious.

I was raised by an atheist and an agnostic so I never had to "overthrow" a
religious system, I have never believed in God. perhaps that is why I need
not decry my positions, or be vehement. Certain religions are incredibly
destructive. Those who come from severely restrictive oppressive religious
cultures can be excused for having more animosity towards it... maybe it's
neccessary to overcome that early programming.

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