RE: the economics of transition to nanotech

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Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 01:57:57 MST

Damien, one thing that would improve the treatment of the topic in the book,
IMHO, is to paint several possible economic futures and give the arguments
for the likelihood of each one.

Right now you meander a bit between explanation of the technology and
advocacy for a specific economic policy. As a precursor to that advocacy,
you might discuss in more depth possible outcomes like

* The rich get richer and the poor stay poor

* Almost everyone gets richer, but market economics and work-for-pay still
rule the day.

* Work is eliminated, society is radically changed.

And explain why we might expect any of these to happen, and what could
trigger one or the other.

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> I forwarded your post to a few appropriate channels.

Thanx, N-grrl. Add this to the fwds?

Thanx also to those who've responded so far, although there's been the
predictable drift away from economic realities to the plausibility of
competing tech paths to an assembler.

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