Audio Books

Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 02:12:34 MST

I've just (re)discovered audio books..

I tried it several years ago but there were few if any titles that I
liked....things are somewhat different now . Today I listened to Tom
Clancy's "Every man A Tiger' from Oklahoma city to Effingham
was the easiest St. Louis Transistion I ever made..

It also confirmed several thoughts I've had concerning our glorious leaders
vis a vis vietnam..

It also brings to mind a thought.

Hows about some enterprising software type writing a program that would turn
a paperback book into a CD audio?

possible steps.....

Feeding one page ata time into a scanner.....

OCR software translates to ASCII

ASCII to voice translates to sound...

Possible "tweeks".......
      multiple voices...
      sound effects...

The end results are there now....for example....listen to Dune: House
Atreides.....( the various "voices" are kinda weak...being done by only one
guy...but the thought is there)

Actually...I think I'd rather listen to a really good SF book
(unabridged...but with appropriate sound effects) than watch some jerk make
has out of it as a movie....(StarShip Troopers....which I refuse to
see...from what i've heard and the reviews I've read it's a sin and a shame
what was done to it..)

I'm just a shade too young to remember old time radio..(.but I might just get
a few cd's of that too) but from what i understand it was quiet

Just leave out the mind numbing commercials..

Effingham, Ill.

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