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Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 20:14:38 MST

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<< Robert Owen wrote:
>If I am "trapped as [are] the women in this system" why
>don't I consciously experience this entrapment as some
>form of "culture binding" which narrows my choices and
>impoverishes the sense and expression of my identity?
 <<Some men do see it this way. I can't explain your own opinion,
 it seems that you have come to a set of realizations and made
 some decisions on your own. I respect that, but I don't think
 I could explain it.
 I'll go along with a lot of Replicant's comments on this part of
 the thread. >>

I don't think you DO feel trapped. I think you feel slightly superior and
possibly immune to such entrapment, by way of your own intellect. I agree
with that stance, it seems mature and self-responsible. I know women who
often complain of feeling trapped by glass ceilings, and subservient or
sexual roles they are expected to play. Perhaps men have less of their
options removed, and can move more freely, unless they are interested in
taking on traditional female roles for some reason. If a huge portion of men
suddenly wanted to wear make-up and be homemakers I bet there'd be a lot of
flack about it : )

I am beginning to see your point. You are saying that it is not productive to
cast blame on outside forces or "society," but rather to disown oneself from
them and take responsibility. The latest women's movement seems to share
this opinion.

While this is proactive positive, it can indicate denial. I am not saying YOU
are in denial, but there are people who would rather not acknowledge a
problem and instead insist it is not there. or that it has gone away of it's
own accord ... just a thought...

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