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    Regarding Herold's counting method of Afghan civilian deaths:

    >This strange assumption leads Herold to treat reports in the (UK)
    >Guardian as being on par with reports from The Frontier Post of
    >Peshawar. He cites, for example, an eyewitness account of the
    >bombing of a commercial truck reported in Albalagh. This, it turns
    >out, is an 'Islamic E-Journal,' whose motto is 'Our Duty is to
    >Deliver Only the Message' (the message of Mohammed). Among the texts
    >featured on its web page of 10 January 2002 are an article entitled
    >'Islam is the Solution,' and an essay on 'Religious Toleration'
    >defending the destruction of Buddhist temples by Islamic
    >fundamentalists. Hardly an unimpeachable media source.

    For this situation, the Iraqi War, the media sources they
    ('Iraqbodycount') use are:

             ABC - ABC News (USA)
             AFP - Agence France-Presse
             AP - Associated Press
             AWST - Aviation Week and Space Technology
             Al Jaz - Al Jazeera network
             BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
             BG - Boston Globe
             Balt. Sun - The Baltimore Sun
             CT - Chicago Tribune
             CO -
             CSM - Christian Science Monitor
             DPA - Deutsche Presse-Agentur
             FOX - Fox News
             GUA - The Guardian (London)
             HRW - Human Rights Watch
             HT - Hindustan Times
             ICRC - International Committ of the Red Cross
             IND - The Independent (London)
             IO -
             JT - Jordan Times
             LAT - Los Angeles Times
             MEN - Middle East Newsline
             MEO - Middle East Online
             MER - Middle East Report
             MH - Miami Herald
             NT - Nando Times
             NYT - New York Times
             Reuters - (includes Reuters Alertnet)
             SABC - South African Broadcasting Corporation
             SMH - Sydney Morning Herald
             Sg.News - The Singapore News
             Tel- The Telegraph (London)
             Times - The Times (London)
             TOI - Times of India
             TS - Toronto Star
             UPI - United Press International
             WNN - World News Network
             WP - Washington Post

    So in this respect, it boils down to who you think are
    credible news sources. I would not consider FoxNews as
    credible and unbiased or Al Jazeera and the Middle East
    news sources either.

    There appears to be a wide mix here though. As I've said
    many times in the past, one cannot gain a balanced news
    perspective without reading different sources and that is
    especially pertinent to such a politically charged event
    as the Iraq War.


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