Re: Better tools for people to use

Max M (
Tue, 31 Dec 1996 14:02:24 +0100

> From: Steve Witham

> I think part of the problem is that since programmers *can* write
> in C++, the idea of making higher-level systems seems self-indulgent.
> Managers don't like the idea of programming as a quest, a project for the
> empowerment, uplift, transcendence even, of humanity. And programmers
> me are nerds, of course, willing to follow orders if it means we get to
> engage our nerdly skills. You know, "What was I thinking, uplift, hah...
> I should get back to work..."

I find that the problem usually comes from the fact that it's a pedagogical
aproach to computers and interface design. Not many programmers are thought
that at university. :-)

Furthermore the tools that are best for multimedia production / advanced
interface design still takes too many programming skills to be used by

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