Re: SPACE: Lunar Ben&Jerrys?

Sean Morgan (
Tue, 31 Dec 1996 00:02:18 -0700

>Kennita wrote:
>Michael Lorrey writes:
>>One report said that this might be a prelude to discovering microbes on the
>>Moon. Rubbish.

Michael was quoting me, so I guess I should reply. What I meant was that
there is zero chance of microbes having ever lived on the moon. There is no
evidence of a watery past for the Moon, as there is on Mars. The ice is
probably the remains of a comet impact (a very light impact I imagine, since
those usually generate a lot of heat). Panspermians may believe in microbes
in comets, but I'd bet against it.

BTW, the link to the report I referred to didn't come across in Michael's
text clip. It's

P.S. Michael was dead on about the Moon being a good source for He3. That
would require a lot of onsite processing, i.e., people. And I didn't know
you could slow-roast regolith to get oxygen. So now I'm excited about moon
colonies again. Thanks.
Sean Morgan (