If I were a rich man... New Year awards.

Alexander Chislenko (alexc@firefly.net)
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 13:31:43 -0500

Not an unusual dream, I guess, getting rich.
One of the things that I dreamed I could do if
I had enough money, is to support people who
influence the social and technological development.
I would institute a fund that would give stipends
to people who did great work in the previous year,
so that they could continue it into the next.
There are many such funds, I know. They just
do not give resources to the people who I think
are most deserving.
It would be difficult for me personally to
select how much to give to whom. So I would
probably ask a bunch of people to help me with it.
I wonder if something like that could be done on
Internet: Have a list of people nominated for
the Internet/Extropian/Information/Memetic awards,
and let Internet folk and companies look at what
they have done so they could contribute to their
stipends. Do you think anything like this can fly?

My modest list (without much thinking) would
start with: [clenching my teeth to be modest here ;-) ]

Anders Sandberg
David McFadzean
Eric Drexler
Fleming Funch
Max More
Robin Hanson

Maybe, just a list without the stipends would be good
for a start. Maybe, a list of contributors with
references to their home pages would entice people
to contribute.

A list of techno-info-villains may also be interesting:

Dorothy Denning
Jeremy Rifkin
Theodore Kaszynski [sp.?]

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