Re: Breakfast in a Pill

Felix Ungman (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 18:29:05 +0200

Anders Sandberg:
>I do not buy the argument we do not know enough to make a 100% sustaining
>meal yet; some people have lived for decades on intravenous nutrient
>solutions with no ill effects.

Well, I don't belive that those solutions were purely syntethic, were they?

>The main argument against the "meal in the pill" is simply that it will
>not be very fulfilling; our appetite is regulated much by taste, texture
>and enjoyment, and I guess a nutrient meal would tend to the boring (it
>could of course be spiced up, but then we would be going full circle back
>to the breakfast Chris wanted to avoid in the first place).

I see enjoyment from food pretty much the same way as sex.
Sure, it's fun, but I rather spend most of my time being creative
in more intellectual ways.

>Personally I would like to develop this area anyway, since I love great
>food, and if it could be healthy and nutritious *and* delicious, CR diets
>would suddenly become much easier.

Every culture has its own cuisine of food and flavors. It's time to deepen
the Extropian Kitchen!

Felix Ungman