Re: The Second American Civil War

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 00:06:07 -0500

Kennita Watson wrote:
> So to hell with them?

No, not at all...

I suppose that if crack is cheap so the people
> involved with it only destroy each other, we don't care that the reason
> they do so is that they were abused as children (say). It seems to me
> that every spirit broken by abuse (with all the attendant psychological
> and drug-related problems) is a victory for entropy. It also seems to me
> that looking for ways to heal those spirits so people can stand on their
> own two feet (as it were) instead of using drugs as a crutch is a more
> constructive endeavor for Extropians than circling the wagons or running
> people down for behaving weakly or foolishly.

Considering that I've been involved in actively working to get a number
of freinds and colleagues in Seattle sober, I would be the last person
to say to hell with them. But also because of my experience, I can tell
you that substance abuse is merely a symptom of other problems,
typically having to do with childhood trauma.


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