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Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 13:36:49 -0500

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> The old canards about supression of alternatives to bolster the
> finances of the establishment is hollow rhetoric spouted by these
> charlatans because they can't talk about proof. Open your eyes:
> the plain facts are that 20 years ago, leukemia and breast cancer
> were death sentences. Now, most survive. This didn't happen
> because of herbalists; it happened because of radiation and chemo,
> and because doctors held themselves to the standards of /science/,
> not the new-age hippy feelgood bullshit of the popular press.
> If I sound harsh, it is with reason. I cannot stand idly by and
> allow the genocide of gullible sick people by snake-oil salesmen
> without expressing my moral revulsion. I love life, and my moral
> standards spring from that love of life, and I revile those who
> would destroy it.

While I appreciate your insistence on real scientific analysis, i think
you are giving to much of a benefit of the doubt to the establishment.
For example, look at the usefulness of colloidal silver as a broad based
antibiotic. It was approved by the FDA prior to the draconian 1934
monopoly enforcing regs, and has a HUGE body of research supporting its
usefulness, even to the point of being more effective than most current
antibiotics. However, such a substance is not patentable, nor are any of
the methods of manufacturing it patentable.

As a result, it is not a drug that can be sold at extortionate rates,
but is priced more like a commodity, i.e. it is relatively cheap.
because of this, you will find NO pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies,
or AMA Doctors willing to sell, produce or prescribe it, because they
would not make anywhere near the same level of excess profit. You can
find it in alternative medical, nutritional, and fitness stores. It does
work to: I have used it on colds flus rashes, etc. with RAPID results. I
wish I could get it up here in the sticks, as I would not have gotten
anywhere near as bad a flu if I had had it handy.

Also: look at proanthenols as antioxidants (also known as pycnogenol,
and is a class of bioflavinoids). You won't see any doctors or
nutirionists in established hospitals recommending it over Vitamin C,
even though it is known to be over 80 times more effective.

Doctors are now so up in arms over the effectiveness of melatonin that
because its cutting into their sales of more proprietary drugs for sleep
disorders, they want to have it regulated so that they can charge more
for it.

Hospitals and doctors need to be prohibited from having any ownership in
pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies, just as media moguls cant have
more than so much media ownership in certain markets. DO this and you'll
greatly decrease the collusion and enhance patient care.


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