Re: Rejuvenation of Apple

Max M (
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 21:49:17 +0100

> Sorry, can't let you get away with that. Microsoft does *more* usability
> testing than anyone. They may have often produced buggy first versions of
> products (hardly unique), but they learn fast and end up with the best.

IMHO usability testing is a blind alley when we are talking new technology.
Any sufficiently good new technology will create it's own market.(Hey make
that Max M's law number 1 :-) ) There was no market for Personal Computers
when they were developed. Neither for the Mac. They created their own
Off course usability testing is of some help in interface development but
only for marginal improvements. The far most important thing to have a good
idea from the beginning.

Both Microsoft, Apple and most others out there have grinded to a
standstill when it comes to GUI's. The most interresting stuff right now
happens in games and Multimedia.

> Anyone else using and loving MS FrontPage for creating and managing web

I use it. Love it? It's currently the best tool i think, but check out their software is far better. It has some serious
troubles though with crossplatform sites with long texts. (A 12 point Times
New Roman isn't the same size on Mac's and PC's)

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