Creative AI Shortcut? (was Re: Help! I want my creativity back)

Chris Hind (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 22:14:29 -0800

>However, the important point is this: there is a loophole in the TCS
>rules; each turn the player whose slowest starship is faster shoots first.
>The Mac discovered this and utilised it by, when neccesary, destroying its
>own slowest starships to ensure that its fleet shot first. To my knowledge
>no human player had ever used this tactic until the Mac discovered it.
>Is this creative or not? If not, then can we write off all prior human
>players as uncreative? Certainly I never discovered this tactic, so am I
>less creative than 68020 Mac?

Wow. I'm impressed. It just goes to show we may not need incredible
processing speeds to create AI. Perhaps we could analyze the code for this
program and see if it contains a shortcut to creativity. I know for sure
that once we get around to perfectly simulating neurons and AI we will then
be able to create shortcuts, just as numerous vacuum tubes were replaced by

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