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Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 13:42:39 -0500

The Low Willow wrote:
> (SECurity)
> } >those storage capacitors are always so bulky. Seriously, Eric, anyone
> } >who refuses to go armed gets the repression they deserve. if you live in
> } >that kind of neighborhood, not doing so is simple suicide in my book.
> I have the impression that in most areas, most urban ones at least,
> getting caught carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is rather
> illegal. Such as a box cutter. And in many areas getting such a permit
> -- or permission to have a gun at all -- is hard. One could estimate
> the chance of running into a mugger in a situation where being invisibly
> armed was useful as being less than the chance of police finding one's
> gun somehow and getting upset. And one could carefully live in a
> usually good neighborhood and still get caught by the rare mugger.

While the unconstitutional 5 day waiting period a la the Brady Bill is
currently before the Supreme Court, even with such waiting periods,
getting a concealed weapons permit is rather easy, so long as you have
no criminal convictions. Even a felon who has no violence/weapons
convictions can get a concealed weapons permit by going before a special
board, in most jurisdictions. I've got one, my brother has one, as does
my father.

Even getting a federal firearms license, with an automatic weapons
permit, allowing you to own, build, and sell to other permitted
individuals and law enforcement offices fully automatic weapons is
relatively easy, though the fee is a stiff $600. A freind of mine, the
president of my local fish and game association, is an automatic weapons
dealer. I've been out to his place to shoot Uzis, M-60s, and other
custom exotics.

It definitely is easier than it was to get a replacement SOcial Security
Card this year...... many states and municipalities are passing "Right
to Carry" concealed firearms laws now, and report that in their
jurisdictions, the murder rate drops after such laws are passed.
Florida, for example, passed such a law in 1994. The murder rate in
FLorida dropped by 22% in 1995 over 1994. Since criminals do not get
their guns by legal means, having an armed citizenry makes them think
twice about committing offenses, for fear of getting shot. Most crooks
know that merely getting arrested is a cakewalk. Getting shot on the
spot with no trial is another thing entirely.

THe only demographic group that is experiencing higher death rates from
firearms is teenage males in urban areas, and they should not have
access to guns in the first place given preexisting laws.
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