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John P. Satta (
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 01:58:35 -0500

Ray Peck wrote:

>The question is: if I buy the Newton, will I haul it around, and if I
>buy the Pilot, will it do everything I want?

I think the first question is: are you committed to getting organized? If
you're going to spend that kind of money it sounds like you are. But if you
ask "will I haul it around?" -- well that depends on your committment. If
you're committed you will, if not...

> The Pilot is tiny and limited but I could put it in my pocket and forget
> about it.

It size makes it convenient but if you forget about it, you might forget to
use it, or forget it as in "leave it behind." My paper planner is big and
bulky and I occasionally forget it.

Then again the cost of the electronic ones means you'll probably watch it
more carefully ;-)

Last point: knowledge about the proper use of the tool may be more
important then the tool itself. Get a good book on getting organized (there
are dozens in the self-help section). It will be a fraction of the cost of
te tool itself and could help you in choosing which one you want.

Let us know which you choose and why. You might convice me to give up my
Franklin and save some trees.


>Anyone here have experiences with these two boxes?
>Maybe I need both. . .
John P. Satta

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