Bad Attitudes! (was Re: brothers and sisters, crackpots and

Chris Hind (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 22:28:42 -0800

>Brothers and sisters? All those cretins who are overrunning this planet
>are my brothers and sisters? I think that's a pretty offensive notion.
>I wonder what your agenda is, Michael. Are you simply trying to
>obfuscate this list with ongoing snide remarks intended to piss people
>off? If so, I don't particularly like having you on the list, dude.
>You and your "Lorrey Drive" belong on alt.crackpot.inventors.

>Oh... I guess that settles it. So, film evidence does exist after all.
>Of course -- of course! -- these films are only available to military
>classes and researchers. Naturally. Thanks, Kathryn. I wish you had
>told me that last year, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.
>I won't be a revisionist anymore. There's no use arguing with films
>ordered by Hitler himself. I'll be a good boy from now on.

> >>>>>What the fuck am I doing here?<<<<<

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! Over this holiday weekend I have seen peoples
attitudes change for the worst. Mine included. What is it about the winter
holidays that are doing this to us or are we just getting increasingly more
hostile. First I believe it was Lorrey "My Website" bashing, shortly
(Which I must admit QueenMUSE, was clever) =c)
But attitudes have dramatically skyrocketed for the worse this holiday
season. Is it due to bad family relations, being trapped indoors due to bad
weather, too much holiday candy creating exorbitant sugar rushes? What?
(P.S. Sorry to use you as an example Lyle, it's just the final straw for
me.) "Can't we all just get along?" :)

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