Re: organizers

Kennita Watson (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 17:19:37 -0800

Ray Peck writes:
>I'm looking for an electronic organizer, one that I
>can write into, and that will sync with my PowerMac at home and my NT
>PC at work.
>It looks like the two choices are the Newton (a friend loves his 130,
>and the upcoming 2000 (?) will kick it's ass), and the Pilot.

I've recently started hearing about the new Windows CE boxes, such as
the Casiopeia, which include Microsoft Schedule+ (a pretty good organizing
and scheduling program, from what I can tell). Smaller than the Newton,
and with a keyboard. I don't know about the synching capabilities.
You can look them up by doing an AltaVista search on "Casiopeia", but
expect some false positives from sites that don't know how to spell the
name of the constellation.


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