Time Capsule/NanoTechnology Magazine

Kennita Watson (kwatson@netcom.com)
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 12:31:39 -0800

I'm writing a letter to my 15-month-old second cousin, to be put in a time
capsule that she will open when she is 16. In describing who I am and my
predictions for the future, I decided to look up the references to
NanoTechnology on the @Home (cable modem) home page. One reference was to
NanoTechnology magazine (http://planet-hawaii.com/nanozine/NANOHOME.HTM).
I was struck by the keywords.

Keywords: nanotechnology, nanozine, molecular, scanning probe microscopy,
fullerines, clusters, proteins, atomic resolution microscopy, bottom up
nanotechnology techniques, Feynman, vacuum, libertarian, cryonics, proximal,
STM, SPM, NMR, life extension, nanoscale technology.

I'm glad that libertarian and cryonics and life extension made the list.
Might extropy belong there as well? If not now, when, if ever?


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