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Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 13:00:37 -0500

Lyle Burkhead wrote:
> Michael Lorrey wrote,
> > Such photos are in existence, and can be accessed in the US Army
> > archives, probably at your local National Archives.
> I'll ask you again: Have you been to the archives yourself? Have you
> seen these photos? If not, what is the basis for this statement?
> I think you're lying, Mike. I think you are pretending to have evidence
> that you don't have.
All I have is my memories, which remind me that the slides and films I
saw were labeled: US ARMY ARCHIVES. As the government typically keeps
EVERYTHING (just check out the Smithsonian as an example) it logically
follows that such documentaiton would be in the archives still. It was
only 16 years ago that I saw them. You did not state whether or not the
soil samples taken actually showed evidence of toxins.

here's another question: Since people in the camps who died of normal
malnutrition and disease were buried whole, why would the SS need ovens
to burn just "some" of their victims? Obviously it was to burn away
traces of incriminating substances. According to the testimony of jews
who were detailed to haul the bodies out of the gas chambers and put
them in the ovens, the people were gassed, and the physical
characteristics of their bodies were consistent with deadly exposure to
toxic gasses such as sarin, etc.

you wonder why there were no doors on the chambers when they were
photographed by US ARMY photographers. That is simple. Since there were
intervals between the time that the camps were abandoned by SS troops
and liberated by US or Russian ARMY troops, typically at least several
days, if not a week or more, there was obviously enough time for the
prisoners to do a bit of revenge motivated vandalism against the symbols
of their extinction: the gas chambers.

One thing I do not understand Lyle, is why are you making such a big
stink about this on this list? Are you expecting people on this list to
make slips of the tongue that you can then go prancing about claiming we
are all Nazis? Or are you simply trying to obfuscate this list with
ongoing snide remarks intended to piss people off? If either case is
true, I take back my previous remarks about wanting you to remain on the


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