Re: Brin on privacy - Now DK, US and CH

siproj (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 07:39:08 -0600 (CST)

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> > As would be his right until the moment he actually commits a crime that
> > violates another's individual rights. Guns don't kill people, people
> > kill people.
> How come then that you in the states have twice the amount of gunshot
> killings, then we do here in Denmark where privately owned guns are
> illegal?

There is no cause and effect relationship between ownership and killings.

> MAX M Rasmussen
> New Media Director

Switzerland even has a higher ratio of gun ownership to their total
population and arguably may have even better statistics than Denmark.
Man does not kill by gun alone! Culture is the root of the problem and
mere acoutrements just leads to even more brutal slayings with proverbial
blunt objects.

If guns are banned, then two cultures being compared for mortal action
should have the type of murder (blunt object) or (knife) if they are
legal and that is a more important measure if a particular weapon is
banned the statistics get skewed. Denmark does have a distinct culture
and many facets are arguably desirable to any Extropian.