Re: The "stupid" masses

Chris Hind (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 22:24:18 -0800

>If America's underclass
>was given access to a real education - not the condescending crap they
>dish out in gang-controlled public schools - and chose to use it, they'd
>be as good as "the stupid masses" or the rest of the middle class.

Here I totally agree with you. The schools in the US are far worse now than
when the majority of the people on this list went to them.

>The truth is that there are no stupid masses who hate and fear anyone
>smarter. Smart children are often outsiders, and they get picked on
>because they're outsiders, not because they're smart. The stereotype of
>the beer-swilling, self-righteous fool who resents all those goddamn
>scientists who know something he doesn't is simply false. I'd be
>surprised if one percent of the population matched it. Technophobia and
>science-bashing are motivated by *fear*, not resentment - altruistic
>fear for the planet, fear of being replaced, fear of disruption, fear of
>the new, fear of what you cannot understand. And though all these fears
>may be misguided - which they sometimes aren't - they are all normal
>emotional responses, saying nothing about intelligence.

True, fear drives the intellectual ostracizing.

"Some people dream about worthy accomplishments while others stay
awake and do them."

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