Re: SOCIETY: The Quiet Revolution

Chris Hind (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 21:14:31 -0800

> Perhaps this is foolish of me to ask this of you, Chris, but *why*
>would you want people to 'flock to us'? Extropy is about *not* flocking,
>and extropy is by no means a trend --which is what you frequently seem to
>make it out to be. It is not a 'revolution', it is more of a realization.
>It is not a faith, it is open-minded optimistic objectivity. I, for one,
>don't want to see extropy portrayed as something it is not...and I'm still
>wondering about who you mean by 'us'.

"We" are a group. "We" may be individuals but we are still a group of
people who are looking into the future and will help mold it's outcome. If
you just sit back and isolation and develop memes without spreading them
then whats the point? "We" will still be sitting here as the memes are
rediscovered by others. It's just like that ancient steam-powered greek
toy. We (society) could've had the industrial revolution back in Greece
long ago but the meme's about it's existance weren't spread and thus the
future was delayed many years. We (society) are living in a society of
instant gratification. People do not gently transition over to new ideas.
They want change, and they want it now! Extropy is a process involved in
the continuation of our (society) evolution to posthumanity. Extropy is not
a fad or trend. It will be with us (society) always from this point on. I
just want to accelerate the process as swiftly as possible. We (society)
will get to the future eventually, it's only a matter of time. I don't want
to wait.

>Emotional reflex. If you view what you're doing as an act of rebellion
>and overthrowing the Establishment - it's just a guess here, but my
>guess is that Chris is doing that - then the first thing you do is
>gather some companions so you can overthrow the current chief of the
>hunter-gatherer tribes, take his women, and be corrupted by power.

Oh come on! There is no rebellion here. The Extropian movement would come
on like a trend just like the civil rights movement and stay here.

>Why align your life and ambitions with anti-anything! (I do not want to
>spend time shooing flock-mongers away from my doorstep!)

I was just considering the thought as to how Marilyn Manson has been able
to attract many people due to himself being a "religious taboo". (Chris
gets off his soapbox) But I still agree that the millenium would be a great
time to spread the memes about a better future.

"Some people dream about worthy accomplishments while others stay
awake and do them."

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