RE: SOCIETY: Techno Elites

David Musick (
Wed, 25 Dec 96 20:52:18 UT

Max Rasmussen said, in response to my post about the quiet revolution, "The
problem with that scenario is that it will create a techno elite. And the
great mass of people on earth will be left behind. I think we should spread
the word as much as possible so as many as possible get a chance to make
educated choices."

A techno-elite will arise in *any* scenario. And I, for one, don't see
anything wrong with that. One can only become a techno-elite by intense
training and personal discipline. One must learn a tremendous amount of
knowledge and develop a huge array of skills to become a techno-elite. The
only reason those people are "elite" is because most people aren't comitting
themselves to that sort of intense personal discipline and learning to use
technology with that sort of mastery.

I am working quite hard at becoming a techno-elite myself. I want to be
excellent at lots of different technologies. I don't see anything wrong with
this desire to improve myself radically. I wouldn't care if the whole world
did the same thing, but the fact that most people aren't will make me an
"elite", since I will have advanced myself far beyond what most people have
the comittment to do.

Actually, I am considering ways of inspiring the "masses" to become
techno-elites themselves. I believe that doing it myself and setting a
successful example will be the most convincing way. Also writing a few books
which provide instruction on how to develop the intense personal discipline
required to become a techno-elite will help those who want to do it

I have nothing against "spreading the word". I just think that *living* it is
profoundly more important. But spreading the word far and wide should
definitely be done, with a passion -- I want as many people as possible
becoming techno-elites; I think that is safer than only having a few very
powerful people. But as important as spreading the word is, actually living
it and becoming a techno-elite oneself is *far* more important -- and it will
make the word one spreads far more persuasive.

- David Musick

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