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Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 22:51:26 -0500

Lyle Burkhead wrote:
> Michael Lorrey writes,
> > Such photos are in existence, and can be accessed in the US Army
> > archives, probably at your local National Archives.
> Ok, I'll check that out. Have you been to the archives yourself?
> If not, what is the basis for this statement?
> I am assuming that Michael Shermer gave us his best shot. If such
> photos are in existence, why didn't he publish them in his article?
> I have read numerous books on this subject and never seen any
> photographs of the gassing operation itself. There are photos of
> everything else, but not that. If they do in fact exist, then, as I said,
> revisionism becomes impossible. That would settle the matter
> once and for all.
> >: Revisionism is possible only because there is a total lack of physical,
> >: photographic, or documentary evidence for gas chambers.
> >
> > This is a total lie Lyle.
> Of course I expected to get this sort of thing... but I didn't expect
> to get it from you, Mike.

I am personally disgusted with people who keep claiming that the
Holocaust never happened. To refuse to acknowledge that such atrocities
happened denigrates the sacrifice of the people who died, and makes the
possibility of their future reocurrence that much easier for those who
would hate. I have always been and will always be for the betterment of
humankind, which demands that we all learn to build a better future by
learning from the mistakes of the past. The existence of the camps and
what was being done was known early on by Jews here in America. Even
Einstein, a well known pacifist, became the father of the atom bomb,
against his highest principles, rather than sit and allow such horror to
continue. The stories they passed on from relatives in Germany were
virtually ignored by the press and the government which at that time
were quite anti-semitic themselves. This is one subject which should not
be under any doubt by people intelligent enough to subscribe to this
> If an archeologist examined the camps, not knowing what they were,
> it would never cross his mind that the rooms in question were
> gas chambers. To repeat what I said last night: if there were rooms
> in the ruins of Auschwitz that looked like the gas chambers in
> American prisons, revisionism would be impossible.
> > as your own eyes will not lie.
> Sometimes people see what they want to see. Some people can
> look at the same photographs I look at, and see gas chambers. Being a
> creedal minimalist helps to keep this phenomenon under control.

Take soil samples, as well as samples of the grout in the concrete in
the chambers. An archeologist would do so, find traces of toxic gas, and
with the human scratch marks in the concrete, determine that someone was
gassed there.

> > In our social studies class in junior high our teacher showed us films
> > produced by the US Army at the end of the war of the camps.
> > THey definitely showed gas chambers, and showed the gas apparatus.
> > They also interviewed people who were prisoners at the camps who
> > had been put on details to clean out the gas chambers after use.
> I'll check that out too. There is of course a remote possibility
> that the US Army had its own agenda, and was more concerned with
> propaganda than with veracity. Likewise for your social studies
> teacher. Nevertheless, I will check out all leads.

Why would they be in need of propaganda at that point? we had won the

> I started working on this subject in the summer of 1995. By December,
> I had written a 50 page critique of "Proving the Holocaust," in which I
> went over every facet of Shermer's article in the same vein as my post
> last night. At the end of my article, I proposed a project, called the
> Gas Chamber Project, in which I would recruit 50 college students,
> and they would each write a thesis; the thesis topics would be chosen
> in such a way that, taken together, they would cover the whole subject.
> My intention was to check out all leads, get all the evidence on the
> table, and settle the matter once and for all. By that time, however
> (end of 95), I was sick and tired of the whole thing, and I put it aside.
> But I still intend to pursue the project. The idea is not to prove that
> gas chambers existed, nor to prove that they didn't exist, but to find out
> what happened.
> Lyle
The best way to prove the actual use that they were employed in would be
to take soil samples around the chamber for traces of the gasses used.
The thing that struck me most about the movies that I saw was the the
people who had been gassed died scratching their fingernails into bare
concrete. You can still see the marks apparently, according to recent
trips there by journalists.


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