Re: List Filtration (a.k.a.: Signal to Noise Ratio)
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 22:28:53 -0800

> I notice that within the past month, the signal:noise ratio seems to
> be getting quite lopsided in the (IMO) undesirable direction.

I've been on the list for over two years, and must unfortunately agree. Since
the list became more open, with the subscription fee removed, I find myself
increasingly deleting messages without reading them. The other day I had 50+
messages, of which I read maybe two. The bulk of communication on the list has
become predictable.

I must unfortunately unsubscribe. (Like anyone will miss a turbo-lurker like
myself) I fully intend to check out the ExI web site and archives on a regular
basis, and to subscribe to Extropy. I hope these will prove as stimulating as
this list was in its heyday.

Kevin Kennedy