Re: twinkle, twinkle

Chris Hind (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 02:15:36 -0800

>I've never seen a definite answer to a recurring pet idea of mine: to
>(transiently) stellify Jupiter by means of a nuke detonated in its
>metallic (or at least somewhere deep enough where hydrogen is
>sufficiently dense) hydrogen layer. You know, it's Christmas, and
>twinkle, twinkle. Why not?

Hey while we're at it, why not send a nuke to Mars and meltdown the icecap
to ignite a greenhouse effect?

>What would happen? Either nothing (has anybody calculated this?), or we'd
>start a fusion reaction, which would blast a considerable (yet
>negligeable in relation to the residue) amount of hot hydrogen into the
>sky, leaving the result somewhat hotter than it was before. Thusly we
>might fabricate a short-lived ersatz Sun for the Jovian satellite system,

Ummm, if we ever were able to get Jupiter to ignite would it expand or send
out any sort of shockwave from expansion? Radiation? If so would it expand
enough to throw all it's moons around the solar system like a pool table?
If not, I'm with yah.

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