Re: List Filtration (a.k.a.: Signal to Noise Ratio)

Max More (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 01:02:25 -0700 (MST)

At 09:49 PM 12/22/96 -0800, Shaun wrote:
> I've been on this mailing list since about mid-August...shortly
>after it became an 'open-forum'. Therefore, I have little knowledge about
>how the extropian list was carried out before. About two months ago, there
>was a lot of discussion over the possibilities of a two-tier list system for
>old and new extropians. [snip]
> The thought of a two-tier system has become slightly tempting to me
>as of late. The method of incorporation is the mystery. I believe it was
>Robin Hanson (forgive me if I am wrong, Robin) who developed the idea of
>having one list wholly open and the second list invitational.

Shaun: Something is in the works. This list will remain as it is, but
Extropy Institute will be creating new lists that will be much more
selective. I don't want to say more now, since we're in the planning stages.
I think there will always be a place for an open list like this, but I agree
that something else is needed.

Wait and see!


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