Re: The Second American Civil War

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 22 Dec 1996 22:55:06 -0500

David Musick wrote:
> Michael Lorrey said, "The day a spy agency like NSA gets such status and
> budget will be the beginning of the Second AMerican Civil War."
> The Second American Civil War is already well under way.

I know that there IS a civil war operating at a low intensity as even
geurrilla wars go, that mainly involves drugs. I posited this to Max M
in my previous post on the right to bear arms. I however do not consider
it to have reached such a level to "warrant" having capital letters put
on it for history. If an agency like the NSA were to do as Lyle claims,
you have no idea what a firestorm will erupt as a result. I personally
know of at least a few thousand people within a 30 mile radius of my
house that would shoot to kill any federal agent if such a state of
affairs were to occur. They are currently very patriotic and law
abiding citizens who are in full support of the current government
position on the drug war.

All it takes is enough people's oxes to get gored by the government
bully to really start something.


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