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I posted the following note to Usenet recently, but I realized that
people here may have some fun with this as well.

Happy Holidays everyone.



Subject: SOHO/MDI Solar Sounds Available
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Date: 1996/12/21
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Astro Folks,

Our SOHO Solar Oscillations group have created some sounds from
our Michelson Doppler Imager data. I've worked a bit more with
the sounds and have put them on a Web page for easy downloading
and listening.

You can see/hear the sounds at:

The sounds were generated from low angular degree (l=0,1,2) mode
doppler velocity data, cleaned up to remove spacecraft motion and
solar supergranulation, interpolated over the gaps and then speeded
up to be within human audible range.

I personally think that the sounds would be wonderful background
"music" for the movie 2001.




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