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Hara Ra (
Sun, 22 Dec 1996 08:02:28 -0800

Max M wrote:
> Well i *complained* about the threads on the mailing list and was told make
> start my own so i wil try to do that.
> I'll start out with a scenario and end up with a question.
OK. Here's a response.

> 1) Computers wil obtain intelligence/autonomity <snip> What matters is that they will able to support and develop themself without human assistance.

First of all, just adding more of complexity or data or whatever isn't
likely to do the job, otherwise AI would have made much more progress
that it has. Second, why presume that once we can have conversations
with AIs, that they will become antisocial and remote from us?? It is
the relationships which promote the information exchange which permits
individual and societal evolution and intelligence increase.

> 2) It is to expensive to send a lot of humans to space <snip> planting a seed of autonomous robots somewher with enough energy and raw materials for them to replicate.

Well there's the non replicant Mars Exlorer just recently lauched. Why
not go a step further and allow uploading to the replicants, then those
of us who want to can particpate in all of this.

> 3) The robots with their endless patience and practically infinite
> lifespans will then start exploring space in a logarithmic way.

Surely you mean exponential.

>(You know
> breeding new offspring as they arive to new energy sources and mining
> areas.)Robo Sapiens.

Read Olaf Stapleton's works about this topic, written 50 years ago.
Again, let's upload and be part of this adventure??

> Does the scenario hold and what is the reason then for us as biological
> beings to go to space and live eternal lives?
We need a reason??

> I hope this isn't a discussion done with a long ago.
IMHO, ALL topics are discussed to death on the Net. Don't worry about

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