The Second American Civil War

David Musick (
Sun, 22 Dec 96 08:24:46 UT

Michael Lorrey said, "The day a spy agency like NSA gets such status and
budget will be the beginning of the Second AMerican Civil War."

The Second American Civil War is already well under way. Millions of people
are getting killed or taken as prisoners. It is a war being fought in the
streets of our cities, with lots of civillian casualties. For some, it is a
cultural war, with certain cultures pushing their values on other cultures,
doing their best to destroy those cultures. For others, it is a war for
economic gain, as they violently establish a monopoly on certain products,
which they can then secretly sell, reaping huge profits. For most, it is a
war they have been trained to support, as their patriotic duty, kept unaware
of the millions of wasted dollars and tortured lives that result froma this
violent, costly and ultimately futile endeavor.

The Second American Civil War is the 'War on Drugs'. The war is one waged
upon peaceful, innocent civilians by powerlusting warmongers. Their stated
objective will never be reached; that war was lost as soon as it was begun.
But every day that the war continues, the Drug Warriors continue to more
firmly establish their power and confiscate more and more money from peaceful,
productive people. Their real objective, to increase their own power and
"wealth", is being met quite effectively by the War on Drugs. They do not
really want to get rid of drugs -- then they would be out of a very lucritive

The Drug Warrior parasites have no interest in actually helping the American
people solve the many serious problems associated with the use of certain
drugs. If they did, they would not keep trying the same failed approach
decade after decade, causing the drug problems to become even worse than they
ever were. The Drug Warriors point to the serious problems they have caused
(neglecting to mention *that*, of course) and thus trick the American People
into giving them even more money and power to pretend like they're working on
the problem as hard as they can, but only making things worse for everyone but
themselves. Meanwhile, they're lining their pockets and their buddies'
pockets with lots of money and worming themselves into positions of greater
influence, perhaps getting some perverted thrill watching the cops chase poor
people with psychological and medical problems, often beating them and locking
them in cages to be raped and beaten by violent animals for several years,
with no escape from the sickening nightmare -- needing medical and
psychological help for their drug problems, but only getting torture.

Americans are in the midst of a very serious, very violent War. People are
getting killed. People are getting chased, beaten and hauled off to prisons
to be tortured, their anguish hidden from the public, creating the illusion
that things aren't really as bad as they are. The American Government is
waging a war against it's own citizens. It has nothing to do with solving the
serious drug problems many people have -- the appropriate solution to that is
a medical / psychiatric one, not warfare.

The profound insanity of the War on Drugs is becoming more apparant every day,
and I believe it is only a matter of time until the majority of Americans come
to a full realization of the atrocities committed in their own neighborhoods
and begin to adamantly refuse to finance such violence with their taxes. It
is in our interest to inform others of the real situation, so that a quick end
is brought to the nightmare we call 'The War on Drugs'.

- David Musick

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