Re: TECH: Honda develops "Human" robot

Chris Hind (
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 00:55:25 -0800

>The robot has an autonomous control process and can walk and go up and down
>stairs or slopes without having to have detailed walking instructions input,
>Honda said.
>It can change directions and correct its balance automatically if pushed,
>the company said.
>It can also be moved by radio remote control.
>Honda said the robot can do various jobs with two hands, making it useful
>for tasks that would be dangerous or strenuous for humans.

Well, I must admit I was wrong. I didn't have much faith in robotics and my
doubt has come back to bite me in the ass. This makes me wonder if robotics
isn't just an extension of our evolution and the process in which we will
discard our entropic bodies clustered with archaic unused genes and
simplify and streamline the basic processes and function of the human body
for macroscopic work. I guess we may not need biological drones, just
robotic drones. We may still need a little bio though because nothing ever
is 100%.
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