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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 16:16:31 -0800 (PST)

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} to be an issue as we evolve through other means, yet I am surprised that it
} seems the more techno- evloved most men are, and advanced intellectually,
} often the more neanderthal and outdated the belief systems about sex...

Part of this is probably crypto-monasticism absorbed from society, but I
think there are justifications for distancing myself from my sex drive.
For one thing, it _is_ a drive. It would like to run my life. I have
other plans; it's naturally good at interfering. Apart from the urge to
swivel to track any moving female, which looks very silly in other men
(although in my case being childhood playground prey trained me to track
any large or fast moving object. Almost everyone else just looks in the
direction they're walking. I'm doubt they even move their eyes much.
Brrr) there is the attached jealousy module, which is very useful for
strict reproduction and completely counterproductive for anything else.
I try to squish it a lot. I think developing a sardonic view of sexual
interest in general is natural fallout.

Then there's the sour grapes phenomenon, or should I say bitter grapes,
but never mind.

} playfulness, or we'd all be trying to illimate those attributes too!

You think there aren't people who don't like playfulness?

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