Re: Help! I want my creativity back!

Anders Sandberg (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:20:16 +0100 (MET)

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One should remember that logic is one half of creativity; the other half
is coming up with new ideas, the other is to test and apply them. Too many
people lack one side, and either just churn out half-baked or useless
ideas or criticize themselves so much they can never produce anything.

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Chris Hind wrote:

> I am
> quite the optimist now but when I was younger I was chronically depressed
> but I learned to control it and with that control went my creativity. Is
> there a link between depression and creativity?

[Warning, amateur psychologist mode on. Just one term of study, YMMV:]

I think control is the crucial bit, not the depression (that was
probably just some bad schemata you overcame). I did something
similar when I was younger, and became my current insufferably happy and
creative self.

There is a risk you are overcontrolling yourself, not letting your
creative impulses emerge out of fear your depression will return. This is
unlikely, since you now know that you can overcome your negative
thoughts. I think you should look a bit at cognitive psychology,
especially its model for how depression works. Once you have understood
it, I think you will feel much more secure in your optimism and doesn't
have to control it so strictly.

> Perhaps I need a round of bad luck or two?

Look out for the "Tortured artist" meme, it is rather silly. You can be
creative *and* happy, bad luck usually just makes you angry or depressed,
and that is seldom good for creativity.

> I have been able to feel my creative side as though it
> were tangible through certain types of music but can't quite grasp it. When
> I was younger I used to be quite the horticulturist. Perhaps I need to get
> back in touch with nature? Maybe I need to bring out my creative side
> through mysticism such as wicca or other so-called new age religions?

Why not? Or better, design your own system. The suggestion somebody had
about making a self-sculpture and placing in a garden was IMHO a very
good idea. You could try creating a depiction of yourself or your
creativity, or perhaps something symbolic of each, and then combining it.
Such symbolism works very well on the subconscious levels.

And if you can, surround yourself with creative people! It is fun!

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