(Fwd) FUCK THE SAFETY NET: An Orgy of Ideas

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Subject: FUCK THE SAFETY NET: An Orgy of Ideas

WARNING: This is a media publicity stunt.

Attention LAW ENFORCEMENT: Throw the book at me.


This e-mail is designed to be seductive. It is designed to be
manipulative. It is designed to be subversive. It is designed to be
revolutionary. It is designed to be handled with care.

Here are some things to think about: copyright law in the digital age;
encryption; communication decency; national security; global security;
constructive positive debates; consensus building; technology
transfer; global electronic commerce; and a world of problems with
solutions that already exist.

IT IS TIME that the potential threats to individual health and values
be identified, respected, and contained for purposes of survival.

THE SAFETY NET is a trap. The Internet is the biggest risk human kind
has ever taken. The potential for abuse is tremendous, and very
immediate. There are simply too many secrets that are available to
too many unqualified and irresponsible people.

The process of the resolution of these complex conflicts is a
function of the quality and efficiency of human communication.

Generally, humans communicate most effectively when assembled as a
team alligned against an obstacle.

If you wish, let this be an example of an obstacle.

my inner geek

my inner geek