Re: The current definition of "extropy"

Max More (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 12:11:32 -0700 (MST)

At 08:44 PM 12/18/96 -0600, Eliezer Yudkowski wrote:
>How about if we just say that Extropy is "the belief that ridiculously
>high technology is a good thing"

Because that would be false. Not all high technology and its use is
desirable from an extropian persepective. Using advanced technology to
involuntarily reprogram human brains to create stupid, obedient slaves, for

>> The current definition is" "Extropy -- the extent of a person's or a
>> culture's intelligence, information, vitality, diversity, opportunity, and
>> [personal] growth." "Personal" might be removed since it fits with person
>> but not very well with culture.
>Many intelligent people are not Extropians. Many well-informed people
>are not Extropians. My vitality is as close to zero as a human can get
>without falling over. There's only one of me. Many Extropians are
>leading low-opportunity lives and the majority of high-opportunity
>people are not Extropians, a double dissociation. Most people who are
>exhibiting personal growth are going through life-defining experiences
>that have nothing to do with a belief in high technology.

Eliezer, you've managed to go off an irrelevant path. The definition is for
"extropy", not for "Extropian" nor for "extropian". Extropians are those who
consciously seek to increase their extropy and who see this as a desirable
goal, and who do so with some philosophical awareness. The definition does
not say that self-described Extropians are necessarily higher in personal
extropy. So, your points miss the mark.

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