Re: Privacy
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 21:01:39 -0500

Paul Wakfer writes:
>>What about not wanting to be ogled naked in your living room by every
>>lecher who might wander by?
>Are you ashamed of the way your naked body looks? If so, why aren't you
>something about it? And why on earth does it matter to you what is in the
>of anyone else so long as s/he does not coerce you? Especially, what is in
>head of a total (and irrational) stranger?

>If some people want to care about this, who are you to tell them that
they shouldn't care? Why does there need to be "why" about what they
want? I have discovered that there are many things that I want, which
do not obviously reduce to some some more fundamental thing that I want.

Robin D. Hanson >>

I have to agree with Robin here. Privacy should always be a matter of choice.

It is fundamental to the scenario that most people are self protective and
rightfully so. They need to be granted that individuality and choice.
While I agree with Paul that one should be as comfortable with yourself as
possible, and have great pride and not want to hide, or shun the light of
day, I cannot say that one should give up one's personal privacy because you
are confident of your own worth....
(it is others who are unworthy sometimes.)
While I love my body immeasurably, it is not practical that I display it in
front of most of the men I know. It does not suit my agenda to do so, and I
am happy that I do not have to - i wouldnt want to deal with the response.
In fact, it is precisely because I value it so highly that i reserve it for
those that i trust and who i like very much.

The issue of personal privacy is one of personal values.

Is it a valuable thing to reserve yourself and protect yourself from outside
influences and undesirable scrutiny? Is it a bit idealist to take the stance
u take Paul? I applaud your self responsibility and pride. Just yet it may
not work for everyone, although in a utopia it may be reasonably possible.
But not in this world yet.

It is one thing to take self responsibility if people around you also do so,
but one should also be self aware to know that there aren't always the
circumstances which warrant being open, honest and totally free..
Maybe someday....