ReTranscreative Extropy ( was Moods of Mind(was Re:Psychedelic singularities)
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 19:46:11 -0500

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>But the point is to be able to step back for a moment, analyze
what is occuring, discover a way to improve upon the experience, take the
action, then continue on normally (snip)

You are absolutely correct. I see, one can come to integrate whatever it is
into one's daily habits. Good...

This is the concept of 'flow". it is fascinating to me.
> Now if you find out what this is, access it chemically and make a smart
> for non artists to join us in our bliss and flow, that would be lovely!
But I
> have a hint for you - best way to make a muscle grow is to exercise it.

>.I do and fully intend to continue, but I think that it is in the
spirit of extropy to find improved methods to expand ones mind, to make it
better, enhance it. Why go with brute force and stay within the limits
when you can use intellect to overcome and trancend them?

yes you are right.

> I feel that if you don't sacrifice just a bit of time in
forethought that the time will come when you can no longer paint those
paintings or rearrange those pixels. A small sacrifice now may have an
avalanche of benefits later.

again you are right, of course... better work on that longevity thingy

>P.S.-I hope you don't think that was hostile or such, I don't intend it
to be. I fully appreciated your response and respect it immensely.
_______ >>

I also respect your ideas and wish for continued research into this area...

I will try the GABA and anything else that can help the process.
One thing i have often wondered about is the "iron brain" syndrome in
olderpoeple, and the reverse correlation in artists, inventors, composers,
writers etc to stay youthful in thier mind set even until the late nineties.
Children have flexible neural nets - do artists also?
One thing arts does for you is you are always confronted with the millions of
choices - in each creation, what size, what medium? what colors? what shall
we do? This line, that angle, what typefont? now with VRML its like... wow!
Is there a link betweeen frequent choices and flexibility, the ability to
"think on one's feet"? New neural connectors being forged constantly...

I think that the "bliss' of doing whatever work you do for the sheer love of
it keeps the mind in a state of flux and pulse...

Maybe investigating play and the responses of "letting go", having fun,
whatever... would be a good place to start.