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Max M (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 22:57:05 +0100

> From: Robin Hanson
> I'd guess the usual reason for trusting such videos is that multiple
> independent sources verify the same results. If you walk naked down a
> buzy city street, or assault someone there, enough independent videos
> may be taken of you to convince a jury you did it.

Clips from the same multiple amount of cameras can be edited to show almost
anything you would like. With a little editing it might look like you were
running naked away from a rapist.
Btw. Who's gonna watch all them cameras? There's allready about 5 Billion
cameras out there (eyes), how much do they see? Theres gotta be a LOT more
to cover everything always (forrests, beaches, wastelands...)A single place
unmonitered makes it possible to do unmonitered mischief. With billions of
cameras computers have to analyse images to bring down the datarate. Do we
trust them? Or maybe the images should be stored in every camera?

How often is there a sporting event where you can't tell on camera if
there's a fault? We'll need a lot of angles to be shure that something is a
rape and not voluntary sex.(most rapevictims don't fight back.)

Or why not take a lot of video of that obnoxious neighbour. Edit it a
little, and then get rid of him for good?

> Also, there are likely to be some "official" video systems, where
> trust is generated by internal checks and balances within the
> organizations that run them.

Like the TV stations nowadays? Yeah right. They always tell the truth. Or
goverment agencies? How many would you trust to be completely neutral.

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