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> I think you are correct, this need to be done - but for a creative person to
> do this would be extremely counter productive. It is exactly this kind of
> state that I try to avoid!

I agree that finding reasons and purpose sometimes takes the
spirit and mystery out of certain experiences. But I think that it is a
great act of self-discipline and control to be able to bend, warp and
otherwise manipulate ones mind in such a manner. To realize meaning, and
then consciously impose ignorance for a given time in order to achieve
your ends, this takes great skill, and anyone that can exhibit that much
self-knowledge and control commands respect.

> There are some great books out on this subject, one called FLOW byt a guy
> whos name I cannot even spell.. something with a lot of consonsants paul
> Czwzewjkz??(help- whats his name?)
> ;- )

I'll have to look into that.

> Hyperanalytical, thinking too concretely about the process, wondering about
> neural networking of my brain - writing about it. Interferes with flow.
> Most creative people don;t usually have time for detailed chemical studies of
> their own brain- it's hard to think about that while painting... ;- )

But the point is to be able to step back for a moment, analyze
what is occuring, discover a way to improve upon the experience, take the
action, then continue on normally. As a practical example, if one is
using dietary supplements they don't generally monitor the levels of
ascorbic acid in their bodies at every moment of the day. What happens is
they may go through an trial period, maybe even monitor the levels
frequently for a while (though this generally isn't the case) and find out
what works best. Get on a schedule for supplementing at the optimum
times. You don't have to think about it until the time comes that you
have to take your pills, otherwise you are completely oblivious to it.
If you find a way to enhance the experience of "creative bliss"
you should only have to analyze it for a very short time, or once, learn
what works, what doesn't, then just use the standard new improved method
and go about your business. You don't have to think about it while you
are painting, because you have already done the work.

> Now if you find out what this is, access it chemically and make a smart drug
> for non artists to join us in our bliss and flow, that would be lovely! But I
> have a hint for you - best way to make a muscle grow is to exercise it.

I do and fully intend to continue, but I think that it is in the
spirit of extropy to find improved methods to expand ones mind, to make it
better, enhance it. Why go with brute force and stay within the limits
when you can use intellect to overcome and trancend them?

> I would be happy to partake in a study like this but not to talk too much
> about it..
> Life is too long, and there are pixels,scultures, oils, and designs that need
> my attention!

I feel that if you don't sacrifice just a bit of time in
forethought that the time will come when you can no longer paint those
paintings or rearrange those pixels. A small sacrifice now may have an
avalanche of benefits later.

P.S.-I hope you don't think that was hostile or such, I don't intend it
to be. I fully appreciated your response and respect it immensely.
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