Re: Music/Transhumanist art

James Rogers (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 13:43:39 -0800

At 10:07 AM 12/17/96 +0100, you wrote:
>James Rogers wrote:
>> Creating music was a superb outlet for
>> my brain that I have not been able to replace, and I have suffered for the
>> lack of it.
>I had a period a few years back when i didn't write music to, and i
>simply had to get back in to it again. It's simply to rewarding. I think
>it's because the music gives instant feedback when you make it, unlike
>other mediatypes.

Not only that, but music allows you to modify the environment in real-time,
according to your mood. I think it is the real-time dynamics of the
environment which make it different from other media types. The chaotic
real-time dynamics matches the behavior of the brain more closely because it
is responsive. As you said, "instant feedback".

-James Rogers