Re: Moods of Mind(was Re:Psychedelic singularities)
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 03:02:40 -0500

John Feiler writes<
>I've never been able to switch on the "creative" mode at will -- other than

>by going to sleep, an activity that isn't encouraged in most office
>situations. How do others accomplish this? >>

As a professional artist it is not an option whether or not one can switch
it on or not, one must. Developing the discipline of making creative "moods"
a non issue is as much a part of being an artist as learning to use the
medium or software or oils and varnishes...

Sleep is certainly detrimental to getting much art done, so I try to avoid it
for my most productive hours ; - )

You may look for ways in which dreamlike states can be induced, if that is
what you mean by sleep... For example, I find a "flow" state can be reached
by becoming very very good at a particular skill or task and then pushing my
limit as hard as I can without getting into anxiety. I then sort of "bliss
out" on the task at hand, and it becomes not only effortless, but a euphoric
kind of high.
Also turning on rythmic music, burning sage, bodywork, exercise and dance
often "loosen up" my ego enough that I can "get out of the way" of my own

I find clamping down on myself in a critical way to be the biggest block to
creativity, so I try to find ways to divert that kind of thinking.
The other thing is to avoid people who make you crazy, and to be very selfish
about your time and how you work - making it a safe and sane environment to
relax so the "flow" state can be induced without interruptions or unwarranted
criticisms which will interfere with the process.

Also- and most importantly - I dont NOT so art just because I "feel" like I
am not in a creative mood, I cant afford it, so often I will just work
through this noncreative mode and into the creative flow. If I find myself "
not in the mood" for art, I will work anyway.Doing less important things like
priming canvas or enhancing image files , correcting colors, stuff like that,
until my mind finally "switches " back to a creative mode.

I dont know about offices, never worked in one, but there are probably rules
against body massage or loud music... but you might find some fun diversions
to make you feel relaxed and flowful.... : )