Re: The current definition of "extropy"

Michael Butler (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 11:35:13 PST

It just occurred to me this morning what you meant by "metaphor" when
you wrote:

While I'm all in favor of tuning up this definition, I caution against
trying for a pseudo-precision. It's not a scientific measure. Its a metaphor
the the kinds of things we value, and for the overcoming of human limits in
a perpetual process of improvement.

I said something like _heuristic_ or _rule of thumb_ would be better.
But I think what you meant above was that the relationship between
"extropy" and "entropy" is a figurative one, and that (in effect)
"extropy" has something of a metaphorical rather than a literal
correspondence to "negentropy". Have I got that right?

Apologies if this is flogging a dead horse.

MMB, at but nor for OCC

Note: While I have been giving the definitions for years, it was Tom Morrow
who originally coined the term based on our discussions together, not me.


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