Re: Fw: -=-Snowball War '96-=-

Chris Hind (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 23:08:07 -0800

>Are chain letters somehow worse than other junk mail?

Oh no! Mail discrimination! Call the ACLU!

>I ask the above questions not to be inflammatory, but out of a sincere
>desire to understand. I have run into quite a few people on the net who
>share your view of chain mail. I myself am annoyed by _junk mail_. I am
>equally annoyed by anything which wastes my time. But I do not
>specifically target chain letters for my wrath. On the contrary, the
>replication processes by which chain letters survive almost guarantees
>that any which I might receive will be of interest to me. Something in
>their content has made them work as memetic viruses, and finding out
>just what that something is interests me greatly. Likewise, I am
>interested in what I perceive to be a growing immunity to them as
>expressed by the feelings of yourself and others.

Perhaps we should study and pick apart a few chain letters to findout what
makes them tick and along with analyzing religions, and other strong memes
to eventually create a meme toolkit or set of defined guidelines so that we
can begin creating a super-contagious extropian meme.